Kad stepped on an airplane for the first time and  journeyed to the west from Siam (Thailand) on his 8th birthday.  He studied the english language for many years in the harshest environment in America (elementary school).  After learning various colorful words from the neighborhood kids, Kad started writing poetry like his idol at the time (Eddie Murphy).  Fast forwarding a bit (a lot) Kad joined the U.S. Army at the old age of 22.  Now just a few years (decades) later he received his Information Technology / Web Development and his Massage Therapy degrees.  Today he is a Business Owner, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Computer Tech, Hustler (workaholic), Security Camera Installer, Massage Therapist, Father, brother, uncle, Dog Owner, 2x Hoopfest Champion, and a member of the Garland Business District.  Stay tuned for the rest of his epic life story!








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